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1A+1B package Basic Korean for Super Beginners

Organized by ㈜가나다한국어학원 GANADA KOREAN

Course Description

A range of high-quality Korean lessons which contain 30 years of teaching know-how will be all yours for only 18,300 won per month!
Ganada Korean, which published top-selling textbooks and JobpassKorea offers you a unique chance to get one step closer to become a master of Korean language. You can enjoy these online lessons anywhere and anytime!

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    ₩ 220,000

  • English

  • Online
  • 30 classes (40 minutes of Core lecture, 20 minutes of language practice)


1.Vowels & Consonants 2. Vowels & Consonants 3. Final Consonants 4. Self-introduction 5. Objects 6. Verbs 7. Daily life 8. Honorific Speech 9. Places 10. Numbers 1 11. Location 12. Past tense 13. Using adjectives 14. Numbers 2 15. Speaking about one’s will 16. Daily schedule 17. From~ Until~ 18. Appointment 19. Negative sentence 20. Negative sentence 21. Familiar ending 22. Scheduling a trip 23. Future plan 24. Phone call 25. Invitation 26. Worries 27. Gift 28. Transportation 29. Finding a way 30. A or B

Class mode

- 40 mins of Core lecture: dialogues & vocabulary, grammar explanation, key expressions practice, memorizing dialogues - 20 mins of Practice: reading, listening, dictation, live Korean


- Study Materials - Listening scripts

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made by deducting [class credits already used] from the remaining amount after deducting 10% of the penalty from [Actual Payment Amount]
*Actual payment amount: Net payment amount excluding points and discount coupons used at the time of payment


After you pay for the course on our homepage, please go to https://e-ganada.com/ and complete your membership registration. The course will be available for you after your payment is confirmed. You will be notified about it via email. The course will be available for 12 months.

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