[REVIEW] Get your Jobpass in Korea Talk Show

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YoonHa Cho / Minjeong Song

On November 21st, JobpassKorea held a Talk Show at Seongsu Art Hall.
Many people joined us after a screening procedure for the prevention of COVID-19.

Julie Choi, the HR manager of VF, gave an excellent lecture!
She is the HR manager at the Korean branch VF Korea, which has about 30 brands (Vans, The North Face etc).
The HR manager gave realistic advice and spoke about various concerns presented by foreigners at the event.

Also, the Talk Show ended successfully with the performance of the Korean traditional music band Vidan!

In this Talk Show, there were various attractions, including photo zone and souvenirs.
At the photo zone, many people joined us and took a lot of pictures.
Many people wrote their names on their employee ID card, one of the JobpassKorea Talk Show souvenirs, showing high participation in the event.

Participants’ viewpoint:

"I loved today’s talk show! Thank you for everything, and it was an honor to attend this amazing talk show.
P**** from Iran

I would like to express my gratitude! I participated in last Saturday’s activity, it was amazing and really helpful. The talk show gave me new ideas and cheered me up to continue this job-hunting process. The concert was also delightful. I had a great time. […]
M**** from Argentina

I wish you the best! Let’s hope the service takes great impulse as many foreigners want to work in Korea (myself included). I truly hope it can stand out from other complicated platforms already on the market.
A*** from Mexico

Thank you to all the staff members, the speakers, the Vidan Group, and ALL the participants of this Talk Show. Please look forward to the future of JobpassKorea!