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Being a YouTuber: How to create your personal brand and stand out


Being a YouTuber: How to create your personal brand and stand out

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Let us introduce you to Marcella, an influencer from Brazil, living in South Korea!
She used to be a lawyer but the thing is: she didn’t enjoy it.
That's how she started to learn about social media management and digital marketing to build her personal brand
As an influencer, Marcella is now working with Korean celebrities like MAMAMOO, Kang Soyeon from Single’s Inferno (Netflix) and many other K-pop groups.

Members who have been with JobpassKorea for a while may or may not have seen her interview from last year...
That interview was about Korean workplace culture and things you experience while working for a Korean company. The topic of today's interview is being a YouTuber/influencer and personal branding!

 People who can't afford to miss this interview! 
•Beginner YouTubers
•Digital media content creators
•Those who want to make videos for YouTube but don't know where to start
•Those interested in finding their own style on YouTube
•Those who want to make their content stand out

 Question 1 
Do you need a team? Or what skills do you need to make videos?

No, you do it! Being an influencer means that you have to write your scripts, shoot your videos and edit them. You must develop these abilities to create your own image.

 Question 2 
What is the first thing I need to know if I want to start a YouTube channel?

Don’t think of your YouTube channel as just a “YouTube channel”. What I mean by that is that you have to think of it as your personal brand and you have to build it step by step.

 Question 3 
How to start getting sponsors?

First, you must have already some content that you created, so that you can show people what kind of creator you are.
Second, you’re going to create something called a “media kit”, which is basically a digital portfolio where you’re going to insert all information about you, your job, your numbers, how many followers you have, the type of content you make, everything.
If you’re small, companies probably won't contact you yet, but you have this media kit and you’re going to start sending it to them, to introduce yourself and create opportunities.

 Question 4 
How much does a YouTuber earn?

There is no exact amount. CPM (cost per mille) is the base used by YouTube to pay YouTubers and there are different factors to calculate the final monthly amount. The country of your audience, the type of content, views, frequency, everything matters. Inside the YouTube platform for creators, you can see how much a click cost per country.

 Question 5 
Do I need professional equipment? Can I do it with my phone and edit it with some app like a professional?

Of course you can do it with your phone. You use your phone to make videos and edit them, you don’t have to buy the best camera ever to do it. Of course, having good equipment helps to have a good quality but more important than that is developing technical skills to make a good video. For example, pay attention to the audio, the lighting, if the camera is shaking or not, etc. These things will make a huge difference in your video.

 Question 6 
How to increase followers on Instagram?

A sincere and straight answer will be to make good content, valuable content that people want to see. You cannot fight the trends, you have to be friends with them. So right now, the trend is making reels, so try that. Make one reel every day for one month and you’ll see how many followers you get.

 Question 7 
Is it worth starting, although there are a lot of bloggers in that niche (eg. Travel&food)?

True, there are many people in this niche, but we don’t have YOU! So show people how you see the world! Show yourself!

 Question 8 
How to push past self-doubt/insecurity to start?

Everyone has something they are insecure about themselves. We shouldn't let this insecurity win. We are better than that. Just start anyway! It has been 6 years since I made my first YouTube video and it’s still hard for me to watch it. (laughs) I didn’t have experience at all, but still, when I look at it I think it’s cute because I did it anyway. Also, when I did my first interview with a K-Pop idol in Korean, I was level 2 and my Korean... was bad. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t enough for doing an interview with a K-Idol, but I did it. Because of that many other opportunities came and now I can interview many other people in Korean. I can do the whole video only speaking in Korean and I’m proud of that. So, step by step, we grow.

 Question 9 
Currently, I don’t have the biggest fan following, is it ok to become an Influencer or a Youtuber?

Of course! We all started somewhere, right? There’s no big YouTuber that started big. Keep doing it. Consistency is the key.

 Question 10 
What laws or legal restrictions do you have to consider when starting a YouTube channel in Korea?

You have to know that you cannot film people without their permission. So if you’re making a video, a vlog, you have to make sure that you’re not showing anyone’s face, because it’s against Korean law.

 Question 11 
Anything about social media managing jobs in Korea? Any way to get an entertainment visa without a big number of followers?

It’s not a requirement to have a specific degree in this area. I used to be a lawyer but the experience is more important. Now, I’m a social media manager in a Korean company. About the E6 visa, I don’t know about a number of followers, if it’s a requirement or not. But entertainment visas are usually given to models and people who work on television, but it’s also possible to give to YouTubers if you have an agency.

Do you want to find out your own style on YouTube?
Learn how to make people watch your channel?
How to make your YouTube channel stand out?
Then get the opportunity to meet Marcella to learn more!

Ask her anything you want and get to know how to create your personal brand and stand out step by step!

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