[JOBPEDIA] How to become a makeup artist

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What does a makeup artist do?

Makeup artists apply makeup according to the needs of the client. They can be for situations like weddings, theater performances, broadcasting, advertising, fashion shows, or even just personal beauty. Based on their expertise and knowledge of cosmetics, skincare, and coloring, they bring out the beauty of the human body through makeup. 

#Physical contact #Your decision affects a person’s image #High competition #Work in a standing position #Work on weekends and holidays

Preferred qualities and certificates
Related majors
Department of Beauty Arts

Relevant Certificates
Esthetician [General, skin] (National technology)

Employment fields
- Beauty makeup: Event makeup for entry ceremonies, graduations, interviews, auditions, etc. 
- Wedding makeup: Wedding photo/Wedding ceremony makeup 
- Advertisement/photo/fashion makeup: Makeup for models in catalogs, commercials, and fashion shows 
- Fantasy makeup, body painting

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