Starting from Zero: how to successfully land a job in a totally unrelated field

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Starting from Zero: how to successfully land a job in a totally unrelated field
What should I do if I don’t have a degree or if my major is not in the field I wish to be employed in?

Have you ever felt lost because you don’t have a certain degree? Especially when Korea is known for valuing university diplomas, or maybe because your major is not in the field where you wish to be employed?

If you chose not to attend college, or perhaps, felt lost because you started to dream of a new career but didn’t know how to find your way in Korea because of a degree, we believe today’s Job Free Pass will help guide you!

The reason majors are so relevant in resumes or interviews during the employment process in Korea is that they want to assess your basic knowledge and expertise. However, unless degrees are listed as essential requirements for employment by companies in fields like medical, legal, or development, your major in school doesn't actually play a big role in employment. In other words, in fields that do not require professional skills and knowledge, it’s okay if your major is different! Heads up though! You should still be able to state how you will apply your learning and experience from a different major to the current field you wish to enter. 

Let's go over some steps that can help guide you: 

Step 1.
First, let’s try answering the five questions below. 

1. Must I get a job in a non-major field? 
Think clearly about your needs for a job in a non-major field.  Are they things like curiosity, deep interest, desire to enter a professional field, etc?
Make sure you think thoroughly as this will be the answer to your motivation for applying. 

2. Why do I want to get a job in a non-major field? 
If your needs are clear, think about why you wish to be employed in that field. This is an important question related to your purpose for applying. 

3. What are the required qualifications or conditions in getting a job in a non-major field? 
You must conduct thorough research to evaluate whether you can realistically enter the field, and know what preparations should be made in detail. 

4. Is it realistically possible to acquire certificates and meet the requirements? 
Find out about the time and resources needed to acquire certificates, required experience in the field, and whether there are any connections with the qualifications you currently have. This can be used to demonstrate the efforts you’ve made to enter the field as a non-major applicant. 

5. Are you ready to build up your experience from the start in a non-major field? 
The employment requirements in a new field can be met with effort, but you will need experience and time to build expertise in the field. 

Have you come up with a positive answer to the questions you have asked yourself? If so, let’s start preparing below! 

Step 2.
1. Break down the field you wish to enter and check the employment requirements for companies you want to apply to.  
It is important to make specific plans like ‘I will specialize in online promotion targeting foreigners using social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube) instead of general plans like ‘I will enter the public relations field.’ 

2. Gather information on the connections between your major and the field you wish to enter.  
Describe your major, experience, past projects, activities in relation to the field you wish to enter. It will help explain how you can contribute to the field and provide the groundwork for why you should be employed. 

3. Lastly, get various experiences related to the field. 
We recommend you do internships, part-time jobs, projects, interviews, mentorships with relevant personnel, and of course, document these experiences. 

Today, we’ve looked into ways to prepare for employment if you don’t have a degree or wish to enter a non-major field. If you’ve chosen this new path over the path you’ve chosen before, it must mean you feel passionate about the new field. Deviating from a path you have chosen in the past must have taken a lot of courage, especially considering the time you've invested. We’re sure that your strong spirit will shed light on clarifying your motivation and purpose for entering the field! We are rooting for you to successfully enter your new path after gathering your thoughts around your past efforts, your motivation, and your purpose in choosing this field in the first place!